Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Confessions of a dying blog

Lately I have been dumped just like one slumps down after a high from few drinks. I was born out of confusion (now that doesn’t mean – in an antisocial or immoral way). Normally things arise, take form and are born with a certain idea but I was born out of the wedlock of my owner and yes, confusion. And I was christened in the same spirit, “Trying to understand…. Life”. It’s ironical to say this but yes I was born so that my parents’ may end up getting divorced and I may be credited for it.

I was stuffed with articles, from political to lame poems, stories and even some pastime researched compilations on topics people may simply brush aside as ludicrous.

My timid father sought me to speak out against reservation, lame govt policies, criticize intellectuals from PC Chidambaram to Narayan Murthy. I was so happy back then, I felt myself equal to social activist, in the most ideal sense, trying and fighting hard to bring a change.

But lately I feel as if my parents’ matrimony is far from divorce, in fact its so strong that I think they may as well celebrate their silver jubilee anniversary. The only grouse is since I couldn’t help the divorce, I was dumped by my parents as if I don’t belong to them.

My father is nowadays a drunk addict only reduced to reading other’s blogs but when it comes to voice his own ideas and confusion, he dumps the idea thinking that it ‘s a cliché idea and it doesn’t have any substance to be talked about. Well yes, as if the blog on “Poor Jokes” had a lot of substance in it. And talk about substance, seems the next blog here may appear when my father becomes a modern day Carl Sagan.

Only a miracle can save me and my alcoholic father now.