Friday, February 22, 2008

EPL Vs IPL - Comparison - I

Given the recent hype IPL has been enjoying, I decided to do a small comparison here:

League: Governing, Game Format, Finances

Year of Formation20081992
No. of Franchises820 (over 40 leagues have played)
No. of Matches59380
Location of gamesNight matches on Home and away basisHome and away basis
RevenueYet To Be Seen3.7 Billion $ (2007-2008) by all clubs.
TV rights (including overseas rights)~$1 Billion for 10 yrs by Sony (addition $10-15 million by Network Ten)£45 million a year from 2007 to 2010
Prize Money5 million $ £10 million
Governed ByIPL counciloperated and jointly owned by the 20 member clubs.
Record Attendance for sports event (1,2)13,094,307 (Average: 34,459) 2006-2007 EPL 425,622 (Average: 30,401) 2006-07 Commonwealth Bank Series


Prize Money: per se is not such a big attraction in either case. EPL is owned by member clubs, so members draw their money from money pool with EPL accumulated mainly by broadcasting revenues.

In case of IPL , the revenue share model in years one to five is that 80% of the revenues from media rights are being redistributed back to the franchises, and 60% of the central sponsorship revenue gradually reducing this amount over the life of the contract.

Individual club earnings are from stadium tickets, club advertisements for both leagues. So that will be key differentiating factor in earnings of clubs just like EPL (although some difference is created at Prize Money level as well). MANU Vs Liverpool may draw record crowds so these two clubs are far ahead in the year-end earnings amongst the 20 clubs.

(P.S.:I don't know on what basis is broadcasting revenue distributed among EPL clubs and on what basis will it be distributed to IPL clubs by IPL governing council.)

Absolute fan base may not be such a big factor since TV audiences have already been covered by TV rights, where both are on nearly equal footing.

Stadium attendances will be the key differentiating factor. Average stadium attendance may be close but absolute is what is going to earn money here. So here IPL loses out and again since it is hosting much less no. of games.

EPL registers record attendances in both home and away games. Enough heat has been generated for IPL and all matches are being hosted in Indian cities (some like Kolkata which have recorded upto 100,000 in ODI matches) so here too IPL is matching upto EPL's strength.

Merchandise wise anyone can guess IPL will be nowhere close to EPL. IPL franchises are still building their clubs while EPL has a legacy of 16 yrs behind it and merchandise forms a decent part of premiership club incomes.


IPL may lose out to EPL because EPL' season is longer so more matches and more money. IPL may again just lost out to EPL on per match basis as well since EPL's tickets are again overpriced (184$ for a 2006-2007 Arsenal match!!) which may not be a feasibility in India. Also IPL clubs may have negligible merchandise sales.

Click here to see 07/08 Ticket Prices for Premier League Clubs.

P.S.: I don't follow EPL so there may be inaccuracies here. Correct me if I am wrong.


Read Ganesh's comments, I think there are certain correction to contribution of merchandise sales in my post. Also I mis-understood the TV rights part. Figures for EPL are per club.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


For prelude to this post, read Timeline. It is a bit long, take your time to read it.

05th January



Sreedhar comes to take Pappu's investment cheque. I make a 20k cheque for Pappu and give it to Sree. But Sree says he can’t accept the cheque because starting this year, investments will be accepted only through cheques made from one’s own account, not even cash and Pan Card Xerox is mandatory, only PAN NO. won’t do. I realize the mission threat now because of F2, F3.


07th January



I googled for PAN card related info, even thought of filing RTI as to what has been happening to the case of my PAN card all this long. As I read more I found RTI stuff is little cumbersome given the little time I have so I thought it would be better to stick to direct measures.


I was able to uncover the application no. given while taking action on F2


08th January


UTI Office

I enquire from a lady at the counter about my PAN card. She told me that my card is hanging in abyss because DOB in my application and DOB requested do not match. Well, I smiled and explained that it was the exact reason why I applied for change of detail. Then I wrote an application and submitted birth proof.

UTI Office

She declined to give me an acknowledgement citing provision of rules. I pleaded my case because I needed an acknowledgement proof for investment. She gives me a print out of her screen which shows the status of my PAN with minimal details with a UTI stamp. Sreedhar tells me on call that it may acceptable.


09th January



I give Sreedhar a copy of the print out and 2 cheques for investment in MFs. Now these were the last leaves in the last cheque book so I put request for new cheque books. They will arrive from Mumbai so it would take around 10 days to reach me. I felt I will need these cheque books (rem the mantra?)


So I had nailed entire mission pretty soon. HRA was there and investment would be there within a few days so I had nailed it quick and I was happy. But what’s a game that doesn’t turn against you!!


10th January



Sreedhar tells me that my acknowledgment proof can't be accepted because it wasn’t the recognized format so now I dearly need PAN/PAN copy!!


I come to know that I can apply for a new PAN card with same PAN no. and it will be delivered within 10 days. UTI ppl come to Bajaj Allianz's offices for this.


11th January




I am told it will take 30-45 days for PAN card to reach me. Now, either I should invest entire money in PPF this year or take scan of someone else’s PAN and modify it to reflect my details. Latter option is not easy because of this.



My last option, I called up Krishna in Mysore and request him to manage a photo copy of the PAN from Mysore office.


On further googling I get a couple of email-ids of UTI ppl, I shoot them mails explaining my case.


12th January



There is a reply from Divya, telling me that I can e-mail birth proof to her.


13th January



I realized that I had lost my pen drive and lost all e-data so scan of my 10th mark sheet and passport are gone. Game is much more exciting now!!


15th January



I am able to find a scan of my passport which I promptly forward to Divya. Pan Card is cleared of objections 3 days later.


18th January



I realize that I had deposited the HRA cheque WITHOUT TAKING ITS PHOTOCOPY!!!! I am now anxiously waiting for cheque books.


So I am back to square one- no investments and no HRA relief as well. And to top that I don't have cheque books to make cheques

22nd January



My PAN card has been dispatched but to Infosys Mysore address because of F5. So my Pan Card would be reaching Mysore address, where I don’t know anyone now. But many thanks to Divya and now I know that govt is now a little net savvy processing application through e-mail as well.


To my great relief, Krishna called to say that he was able to get a PAN photocopy so I ask him to fax it. The print was extremely black so I asked him to courier it to me.


24th January



Called up my landlady telling her that I will deposit next month’s rent in advance for my HRA. Then I realize I don’t have enough money in my bank account to last this new expenditure. MF money is still left to be credited so there is further expenditure. I am still waiting for my new cheque books to arrive from Mumbai.


I call Karun to transfer 15k in my a/c. Month end is approaching and my salary will be credited but I don’t want to wait that long.


25th January



I receive PAN photocopies by courier. I call Sreedhar and give him the photocopies. 2 days later I get investment proofs which I "securely" put in my bag


27th January



Sreedhar gives me investment proof, two small slips which I put in my bag immediately.


28th January



I receive cheque books from courier so this time I make the cheque and keep photocopy ready so that I don’t forget at a later date. I also make some more cheques for other investments.


29th January



I received money from Karun. I deposit the rent in my landlady’s a/c next day.


04th February



I think of keeping the documents ready to submit it next day. After an hour of searching I realised that I did what I am best at... screwing things!! Because I am not able to find there anywhere. So I decide that I will have to call Sreedhar and ask for duplicate proofs. It was only later when I went to petrol bunk that I realised the proofs were perched in my wallet.


05th February



Mission successful. I submit all the investments proofs and HRA


Lesson learnt:

Sometimes there is scope for 59th minute escape in an 11th hour action.


At the time of writing this post:

My PAN CARD is still with Infosys Mysore, I am trying to get it from them.

ICICI Cheque Book arrived 2 weeks late. But now I know whom to trust in 11th Hour action.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Mission Started: 14th January 2008.

Mission Deadline: 05th February 2008

Mission Objectives: To successfully(?) invest in Mutual Funds for 2007-2008 and submit 1) investment and 2) HRA proofs by the deadline at office.

Warfront Locations:

Qwest Bangalore – company I work for

My house

UTI Main office – Ulsoor, Bangalore

Bajaj Capital – UTI folks frequent its offices to accept Pan Card applications.

(action at MG Road and Koramangala branches)

Mission Comrades:

Me – no songs here but only action. Some spy games for me.

Krishna – My tax consultant in Mysore. He did the processing of Pan Card details change.

Sreedhar – A MF agent I and my room mates Pappu and Karun happen to know.

Divya – UTI lady with whom I was in touch through e-mail and who sped up my case pretty quick. Thanks!



Strength: Excellent efficiency in 11th hour actions. Mantra for 11th hour action: Don’t take anything granted at all. Be as cynical as you can be. Trust you gut-feeling nothing else.

Weakness: Loses motivation very quickly

Opportunities: Test if strength is still there and if weakness is gone. May be an adventure

Threat: Failure to comply may result in 5 figure amount landing up in govt coffers. It may be the last that you see of it for 2-3 years.

Full Mission timeline very soon …. At worst the account of it is funny at best exciting and nail-biting.


Facts of the case prior to start of the mission:

F1 -
PAN Card is with UTI Mysore local office for the last 14 months for correction of DOB. No idea till mission start time what happened to PAN Card

F2 - I only remembered Pan Card no., took 15 copies and scan of pan card before submitting but lost them in good faith (?). Didn’t even have acknowledgment for submitting Pan Card. So I don’t have PAN card or its photocopy or its scan which is taken while investing into mutual funds (MF). I can invest in PPF but I don’t want to do that. So mission starts because of this

F3 - Had already decided 2-3 MFs to invest in for the year

F4 - HRA needs photocopy of bank cheque made in the name of landlady with quarterly rent receipts. I had already deposited the cheque for rent to my landlady's account on 1st January, 2008.

F5 - Infosys Mysore was my last company where I got my PAN card made and I had put Infosys Mysore address while applying for PAN card.

F6 - I hold Axis and ICICI bank accounts.