Thursday, April 24, 2008

Inspiration or Conspiration

watch these two videos....

and now this video....

by now most of you may be knowing that inspiring IPL ad was "inspired" from Yankees ad on Fox TV sports commercial.

The only question is is there something like an inspiration in the field of advertising?

I can imagine it in movies. I can watch Memento and then get inspired and then write an entirely new script (suiting local audience) and make Rajini and someone else can get inspired and make Ghajini. In the end they are all different products. If I take Leon the professional, copy frame by frame and dialogue by dialogue and make Bichchhu that is not inspiration, that's conspiration (pardon the bad joke) or simply copying.

Now I just thought, in advertising the main art would be "how" to convey your message across. The word "how" can encompass a whole lot of details, but the word is the mootpoint. But if you get inspired by this "how" it surely won't come across as inspiration in the final cut!!

P.S. I am still searching who wrote those lines in IPL ad, they are really awesome.


Cuckoo said...

Inspiration can come from anywhere but this one sure looks a different case. Even I liked the lines of IPL ad. :-)

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I have done this to my posts and I know readership thru reader has increased. One disadvantage is that your hit counter doesn't grow. :-)

KT said...

hey cuckoo... will think about it, just giving full feed thru Reader also means I lose the random comments that I get. I don't think that can be managed through reader.

let me think about it.