Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweet Surprises

Surprises have their own way to amuse you and please you. And as I write this post on two experiences I realize sometimes bad surprises too have an element of sweetness in them

The first surprise I got was not planned by anyone just happened by chance and a small one.

So I have been doing late nights at office for quite a while. Being a bachelor, I solely depend on the mercy of my cook (to cook some good good) and my room mates.

Now by the time I would come back from office, the food often would be very cold. Now, my state of bachelorhood has taught me one thing, to love food and not the state of the food. So I am pretty ok with cold food, never bother to warm daal, sabji or rotis. Anyway, I used to be so hungry that anything would be delicacy for me.

But for past 2 weeks whenever I would come back sometimes there would not be enough food left .I would see other plates, where extra food has been left to waste and cringe and deliberate about , what am I working so much for, what am I living for and if it is worth it? But as usual I uwed to take whatever food is left and sit in front of TV late night, I would forget about everything else, eat quickly, watch TV for an hour and then go to sleep. Not that I don't bother. I told my room-mates over weekend to get some more food cooked but it sort of never happened.

So that day, when I came back, my room-mates were still up watching Euro Cup. I proceeded to kitchen, expecting what is in store for me. So there was pressure cooker, giving hint of some daal, covered kadahi giving hint of some vegetable and two thalis again covered.

So as I proceeded with my thali, uncovering each vessel by turn, I got the first very sweet surprise. There was bhindi, that too in good amount. There was a bit of surprise because of the amount but also since none of my room mates like bhindi, they never get bhindi made at home except only when I raise a big stink about it.

Next was pressure cooker, daal was there, just ok. Anyway I am not a big daal fan. Next in line were rotis. Today rotis were good enough in no. and in good consumable state.

Then I got the biggest surprise in the next plate. The plate was full of salad, cucumber, lemon (my favorite), chilies, tomatoes. Trust me, by the very look of it I felt elated. And that day I didn't think of any of those philosophies, just enjoyed my food and TV.

It was a fulfilling meal and although not the best of the food that I have ever had but the satisfaction after having it still lingers on.

As I finish writing this I was amused remembering a different surprise.

The difference was that the food that day was extremely crappy. I was in Mysore that time and a tiffinwallah used to deliver the tiffin for me at home. So that night I was late again, opened the tiffin to see the extremely crappy food. As I stared to evaluate consumable-ness of the food items, I left out the sabji, leaving me with some roti, rice and daal and watery curd. As I saw the food I began to realize that the experience would be a repeat of what I used to have in my college hostel. Ah, that boiled daal, that unidentifiable sabji.

Since the food was hostel-type, streategy had to be similar, I mix rice, daal and curd (all time savior for hostellers) to make a paste of it, then used paste as a sabji with roti.As I was eating it, I remembered of the jokes that me and my frnds used to crack over lunch about food, the ingredients, strategies to digest it and then stories of horrible things being found in daal. And slowly I began to enjoy the food, not the taste of it but the repository of old jokes. Again food was crappy experience was not.

Surprises Ah! so who doesn't like them, especially if they are good. But I think we should give even bad surprises a chance, who knows we may be pleasantly surprised. :)


ashes said...

Yaar, this is a very depressing post. The first surprise you are talking about is something one would always expect. You find that as a surprise because you have experiences otherwise, you are used to things otherwise. The second one might qualify as a surprise in that how thinking about things helped you experience a better taste. But the way you put it again gave me highly depressing vibes.

Maybe I am overreacting, and I know what you are thinking. But trust me, I never had these experiences even when I was staying as a bachelor with friends. I am a big gourmet, and I would not have been able to survive in such a situation.

Now I can think of several things that could have prompted you to write this post:

1. You are genuinely irritated/troubled/fed up/worried about the treatment of your roommates regarding your food, or

2. there are some other pressing and depressing issues going on which you cannot write out in a blog, or

3. you are actually very vella, or

4. you want to maintain your one-post-a-month.

If you agree to either 1 or 2 above, you need to work it out. Give me a call anytime if you want to discuss.

KT said...


I didn't mean it to be a depressing post. I started wanting to write about the first experience but in the middle remembered of the other experience and to me in the end both were delightful experiences.
On second thought the tone would have been a little depressing, but yeah I hadn't written for long and I wanted to write something.
There were some posts which I just drafted and left them, never felt they were good enough to be posted. So with this one I was a bit liberal :)

Soren said...


Regarding the 1st 2 options you gave to KT, I think he would neglect/deny them outright which could be very well because of the 2nd part of the 2nd option, which would look like to be ->

"...which you cannot write out in a blog..."

3rd option doesnt need any analysis when it comes to KT. He by default he is Vella

4th option sounds good. It is the option which I would have bet my lifetime of savings on. (Anyway I have none, KT would know better [;)] ) There are a few things which KT is very itchy about. He might have not blogged for a while as an effect Roman God Somnus would have got angry cursing him to get sleepless nights. This "surprise induced insomnia was what he was living in from past God knows how many days. The perpetuity of living in dreamland would have gone for ages and a retrovert become impossible if he would have not scribbed some crappy blog after eating some crappy food.
The result is you know.

Dude, jokes apart. While mentioning about bhindi you reminded of the days i shared the appartment with you guys. The bhindi vs kadhi battle. It might have irritated me at that time but when I look back at it now, believe me, I enjoy every bit of it now. O the sweet irony of life; what it(the quarrels not the bhindi) meant to me that time - a source of distraction/annoyance & what it means to me now - a gratifying incidence.

I am very sure the you might still be turning the same numbers of stones to get the bhindi made in the appartment. :)
ALL THE BEST. Keep the movement going.